Don't You Wanna Runaway?

America's Most Affordable



Our Mission:


Honor God by operating our business according to Christain principles...


Offer the best value possible to our customers...


Show genuine concern for our community...


Encourage people to live life to the fullest.



"We believe our business is a gift from God; how we handle it, is our gift to Him!"

Started in 2012 by Stephen Shives and Father-in-Law, Robert Lane, Runaway Trailers is a DEBT-FREE, family run business,.

Our main focus is not products and profits... but people.


As our company grows, we'd like to invite you to join us in the journey! Don't say we didn't warn you... Runaway Owners are some of the coolest people you'll ever meet!


With rallies, get togethers, both regional and national groups on Facebook, people have found Runaway has become more than a business... it's a family


We've also found the best sales leads come from using your own product! So, if you plan to purchase a Runaway of your own, be prepared to have people approach you at gas stations, rest areas, campgrounds, etc. asking where you got it. We'd love to send you enough $100. Referral Checks to make your Runaway pay for itself!!!


While we've had many inquiries from across the U.S. and even Canada about becoming a Runaway Dealer. After much consideration, we've determined to protect our unbeatable low price, by maintaining a Direct Purchase System.


From Backyard Venture to Nationwide Sales

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